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An Alcorcon tree.

Medicine and pain

May 15th, 2022

Suffering, again

Not too much to say about today either, another tough day to be sure. This time, I woke up early (likely due to the lack of sleep in general), and I ran to the pharmacy, resolved to figure out the issue of my allergies. I learned a fun fact about Alcorcon - most businesses are closed on Sundays. As a result, my closest pharmacy was about 2 km away instead of my anticipated 400 m. Allergic, weak, sleep-deprived, and running - a super solid combo.

When I got to the pharmacy, I realized that I needed a mask, but did not have one on my - classic. I covered my face with my shirt, but eventually someone in line offered to get me one from their car. This experience was another taste of the warmth the people in Spain carry. People are truly loving and helpful, and this was another reminder of that.

I got my meds from the pharmacy after a broken English / Spanish conversation with the pharmacist, and started walking back home. On the way home, I recognized my allergies were worse than expected. Not only were my hands and feet itchy, but they had broken out in hives. If you've never had hives before, I will be the first to let you know it's somewhat terrifying to see your hands entirely red with bumps everywhere. I'm no stranger to skin problems, but this was even more discomfort that really added to my negative perception of my situation.