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Alcorocon Mural

An Uncharted Walk

May 12th, 2022


I decided to go for a long walk in the scorching heat today because I didn't just want to stay at home the entire time. I wanted to listen to something but there wasn't much music I really wanted to listen to, so I spent an hour-ish trying to figure out how to download the hobbit as an audiobook without torrenting it. I guess people use Telegram for that kinda thing, but it worked and after downloading the book I was off

While walking, I found some interesting structures that looked like roofs, but didn't really understand their purpose, I had no idea why people would make stuff like that.

Anyway, I stumbled upon an abandoned area which was prohibited to enter, so I did what any sensible youth would do and went inside. I found the entire rundown structure was filled with interesting graffiti and spent the better part of the next hour looking around it. Was super cool, and I met some 40-ish year old person who was also there - was kinda creepy and I tried talking to him but he didn't speak English (par for the course, tbh). It was pretty cool looking at all the art, and a fun challenge navigating piles of sharp debris.